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Testimonials and Projects

How well hung are our lights you ask? Take a look at our client feedback and accomplishments to decide for yourself!


"Excellent work! My lights are gorgeous and give the warm Christmas spirit I was looking for. They were friendly and very responsive to my questions. I will definitely be using them for my Christmas lights next year too!"

- 5 stars from Nikisha S.

"The team did a great job and were very easy to work with. They handled my special request for clear white lighting, giving our home a more traditional look. Look forward to working with them for many years to come."

- 5 stars from Daniel W.




December, 2019

Winner of Downtown SLC's "Best Christmas Lights" in 2019. 

We really enjoyed the opportunity to highlight this home's natural beauty.

Winning the award was great, but turning this home into something out of a fairy tale felt even better!


December, 2020

This homeowner wanted a more traditional, minimalist design.


We incorporated different forms of white lights to subtly add depth and scale to the home in order to accomplish this.


It was a pleasure to provide our client with the personal, nostalgic touches they were looking for.

christmas lights 2.jpg
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